• Anna

A Christmas Tree Narrative (Blogmas)

After pulling the tree out of it's year long nap, it was a bit sleepy still and didn't light up all the way. Our tree is a pre-lit tree with the lights all fastened already to the branches so all you have to do is put the sections together, fluff it up, and voila! This year it was only one wee section that had oomph left in it's lights.

After some deliberating Rich exclaimed, "It's okay, we have LOTS of lights downstairs!" When Rich says we have lots of lights it really means we a have a string of lights. The apple fell far from the tree in comparison to the quantity of Christmas decorations my mom has compared to the decorations we have. Everything that Rich and I have fits into two bins. Three if you count the tree. What this means is that we have a single string of extra lights that we can put around the tree. I stood in the back, Rich managed the front and together we weaved a single strand of lights to the tippy top of the tree and now, VOILA!

Next step: Ornaments! I have one little box of my favorite ornaments that I've gotten as gifts over time, and Rich has some favorites from when he was little so we made sure that all of those were on there, and the rest was really left for Max and Richie to to choose what went up on the glorious double lighted, single strand lit tree!

With our powers combined we decorated the Christmas Tree!

Next step: Family Photo

OH... wait, we need Blaise!

Christmas decorations complete! Merry Blogmas!