• Anna

2020 Ragamuffin Plans - What's Next

I've seen so many businesses and advertisements using the term "20-20 vision" and I'm starting to feel a little bad for the optometrists who have been looking forward to their marketing plans for decades waiting for this year.

As we wind down 2019, which was a pretty good year I'm reflecting on all the awesome things this year brought to us and starting to get really really really excited for next year.(Did I say that I'm really excited?).

Things I'm most grateful for in 2019:

What's next for us in 2020? (SPOILER ALERT: A LOT!)

January: Whistler for a ski trip and then travelling to Oakland for the dad of one of my sweetest friends.

February: Potential Vegas trip for work AND elsewhere for our Bachellorette/Bachelor party weekends!


March-April: Costa Rica!!

April: Eugene Half Marathon

June: Seattle Rock N' Roll MARATHON

August: Santa Barbara Girl's Trip

September: Kentucky for a Wedding

That's just what's on our books as of right now, before the year has actually started! I'm so excited for everything this year, it's going to be one of the most amazing, love filled, travel years to date. We have SO much to look forward to!

See ya in 2020, Ragamuffins!