• Anna

Aloha! {Wanderlust}

Last week I got to travel for work to Hawaii to attend a conference for the Society of Marketing Professional Services. I know, boo hoo. It was quite typhoony while we were there... (I know, another boohoo) and we were inside most of the time which meant I had to get in my outside time early in the AM, which was totally fine because the time difference made it SO easy to wake up extra early, or at night... which let's be honest that was more for happy hour with customers and partners than it was actually for being outside. So early morning it is! I didn't take a tone of pictures of work events, because we were extra busy, and classes aren't wonderful to take pictures in... classes make for boring pictures, but good brain fillers.

Here are the pictures I took from the worky bits:

That's about it for the work pictures.

Each morning Sarah and I hauled our asses down to the beach to jump into the ocean... the first one was a bit scary since nobody was out swimming and the water was pitch black, ALSO the largest great white shark ever to be seen was spotted off of Waikiki just two days prior, so our tired brains were a bit illogically afraid, but we jumped in regardless.

The next morning I got up even earlier and went for a 4 mile run down waikiki and to the aquarium and back. SO humid, pouring down rain, but so refreshing. A little bit of city vibe running, and a bit of trail running combined. It was the perfect way to wake up. When I got back, the sun was just starting to rise, so I perched myself on a spot on the pier and and watched for awhile, attempting to text coax my roomies down for the show... but they were still dead to the world. They were also quite reluctant once the sun had fully risen to jump into the ocean again before our sessions started, but I guilt tripped Sarah enough to come do it again, promised no sharks would bite her, and Kelsey even dipped her toes in!

(Sarah was obviously so excited to be awake)

The rest of our trip included multiple sessions, which ended on Friday late afternoon. We took advantage of the free time to bob around in the ocean while the sun was out and lounge on the beach while we talked about all the things our brains had absorbed. Later, we sought out the sunset and went on a stroll. All this time I had started to feel a bit tired, congested and feverish... turns out I had caught a lovely viral bronchitis while traveling... good thing I had the ocean as my netty pot the first couple days to hardly notice it. Now I'm home and have been banned from the office for the remainder of the work week.