• Anna

Blogmas Day 24 - Twas the Night Before Christmas

Everybody family has their own Christmas Traditions - some quirky, some awesome, and some are sweet, and other traditions are like habits and we have no idea why we do them.

My mom has recently made it a tradition to make cranberry margaritas on Christmas, and tamales on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning we would wake up, I would bake cinnamon rolls, or Mom would make Monkey bread, and then we could begin the opening of the non-santa presents.

When Rich was little he was always the one to place the the felt advent date on the advent calendar.

Everybody has at least one great picture of them, or their kids on santa's lap.

It also seems that everybody has a ritual for when it's present time. In the Halstead house Christopher and I always woke up early to go downstairs to see what Santa had brought, which was unwrapped and displayed perfectly. Then we had to wait patiently (or me, impatiently and jumped on my mom, who had likely just gotten into bed). After the parents were up, and we made the cinnamon rolls and gotten coffee, one of us wore the elf hat and passed out presents, carefully curating it so that everybody had one present at a time with one in the queue.

Rich's family has each person open up all of their presents while the rest watch, and then they move on to the next person. Tonight while we opened presents on Christmas Eve, we did the order of youngest to oldest.

Dinner is also one of those quirky, awesome, sweet, and weirdly habitual traditions. Some families eat at 5:00 like a normal dinner, but if you grew up in the Halstead House, dinner was/ is typically around 2:00... WHY?! What other day out of the year do we ever eat "dinner" this early. I'm pretty sure it's called lunch.

I'm excited to see what family traditions evolve or form for our family and I would love to hear any and all family traditions that my readers have!

Happy Blogmas!