• Anna

Blogmas Day 22 - uh oh.

I didn't plan today's blog... so this is a total cheater blog BUT I have to post because A.) I told you I would, and B.) MORE IMPORTANTLY, I know my Grannie is going to be checking this blog at the ungodly hour that most Halstead's wake up! (i.e. 5:00AM at the latest.). I'll just tell you what we did today! (Honestly I didn't even take the below picture.... I just needed a stock image to make this post prettier. That is how unplanned this post was.)

Today.... Today I accidentally woke up at 6 after a restless too-hot night sleep because I left the heat on all night (whoopsie! Sorry Blaise, and self.) and then I went to a very disappointing zumba class. I then realized there was a zumba class at another gym location and I could get some zumba redemption if I showed up in time, but ... alas, I didn't. SO then I drove all the way home and did my own little zumba dance routine in my condo, which I'm sure my downstairs neighbors very much appreciated. After that I worked on a couple of Christmas gifts and headed towards Rich's where I took a very brief 20 minute nap and then got ready for Christmas Party #2.

Christmas Party #2 was technically "ugly sweater" themed, but let me tell you friends... no ugly sweater is authentic anymore. They are all bought intentionally ugly at most major department stores. This kind of takes the fun out of them being such treasures, like the ones found in mom's closet (not literally you, Mom), or the ones scavenged for at Goodwill. Anyway, I digress... we didn't give in to the theme this time knowing that we wouldn't be staying for the whole party and we didn't want to steal the attention and the prizes, ya know? (kidding).

After that we popped by a friends house, exchanged stories of recent everything's and day dreamed about counterfeiting money (not kidding, but don't worry, we aren't actually going to do it.) and now we're in bed, I'm writing this blog and Rich is reading one of his last stories of his short story book. It's been a good day, and first full day of a one and a half week of vacation.

Happy Blogmas!!