• Anna

Blogmas Day 20 - Thinking about the New Year

Maybe it's a little early to start thinking about New Years Resolutions, but maybe it's a great time to start reflecting on the resolutions we had, and why they did, or didn't work out.

(Pause... because Blaise is frantically chasing an invisible bug around the condo and it's making me slightly panicked that one of those weird new Pacific Northwest beetles is in the house, which I swear I choked on the other night, OR there is a spider... I'm not sure which is worse. I suppose I'm glad she's entertained.) Resume blog...

I made maybe too many goals for 2018... here are the goals I set forth for 2018 - in the categories of fitness, financial, academic/ career, and fun:

My fitness goals were to Run at least 2 half marathons. I ran one official half marathon and over the course of the year I went over 284 total LOGGED miles. I don't log them all... so I feel good about that goal even though it didn't exactly match the "run 2 half marathons" goal.

Practice Yoga at least 3x per week: I mean... if you count having a yogic mentality on and off the mat I definitely met this goal. I worked hard to practice patience, kindness, doing no harm, and other limbs of yoga off of the mat. As far as practicing asana, or postures of yoga... no. I failed this one. I've had a love/hate relationship with yoga practice since my 200 hour training. More to come on that later.

I also had a goal to cook 1 new recipe a week. I think that I can safely say that I did accomplished this. Rich can vouch for me, but between the Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and Sun Basket meal delivery services that I tested out I definitely tried at least one new recipe a week.

Another fitness goal that I had was to lift weights on the majority of the days throughout the week. I think I accomplished this one as well, perhaps except for the month that I was doing a 5K a day... that kind of sucked the fun out of weight training.

My financial goal was to "Take Advantage of All the Free Money" I did this the best I could, lost track somewhat around September and then regained it recently. It's amazing how much money you can save by just taking advantage of the free money offered to us daily. Whether that's working overtime on a special project, taking side gigs that are offered, filling out online surveys, or not making a big purchase unless you have a coupon for it. ( Thanks Mom, I know you're probably quite pleased with yourself over that last one.)

My Academic/ Career goals were to (1) be in my final term by December - CHECK. (2) Write 5 winning proposals... this was out of my control quite a bit but I was part of three winning proposals... one of them being a $650 million dollar project so I feel okay with not exactly meeting this goal as well.

In the category of fun, my first goal was to fly to 3 different places. I flew to Yuma, I flew to San Diego, and I booked a trip to fly to Hawaii in January of 2019 and Scottsdale of May 2019, and Yuma again in probably March of 2019.... So I'm going to consider this goal met as well.

My last goal for fun was to build a capsule wardrobe. I'm working on it... it's actually really difficult because I like having clothing options and get bored of my clothes, but struggle with the desire to have less.

ANYWAY. As you can see from the above, I set a lot of goals - not necessarily "new years resolutions", but goals none the less. Perhaps I didn't meet some of them, but I feel that it's incredibly important to give ourselves some forgiveness and/or wiggle room with goals. With that, we won't feel like we've disappointed ourselves, and we're still moving forward in becoming a better version of our selves with each year. I'm still thinking about my next years goals but I am feeling pulled for one of them to be about this blog, 2-3 to be about fitness, 2 to be about financial, 1 about career, and 3 for fun. I'll put this blog in the fun category of course. ;)

Happy Blogmas!