• Anna

Blogmas Day 19 - Oh Christmas Tree

Today when I got home, I stared at the Christmas tree for awhile and wondered at it's instant relaxing powers... similar to a campfire, or a sunset, or stargazing, then I started to wonder about it's origin, and lemme tell you pals, this is interesting! Here are some fun facts I learned while researching the origin of Christmas Trees

While Christmas trees are traditionally a Christian symbol, and in modern days have become non-secular, the Christmas tree was originally a pagan tradition. It was actually Tree Worship from the pagans that made these little trees so popular with us and Charlie Brown alike.

Scandinavians used to decorate their barns with evergreens during the new year to scare away the devil.

The Germans used to set up their trees during Christmas eve to celebrate the feast of Adam and Eve on the "Paradise Tree".

In the Northern Hemisphere they used to put up Christmas trees for winter solstice, the shortest day of the year and believed that every winter the sun got sick and weak. They crossed their fingers as the daylight got shorter & shorter, thinking that this may be the end of the sun. But near December 25th, the daylight held firm and started to increase again. They were saved, and forever celebrated this time of year. In their belief Solstice symbolized that the sun god would soon get better. They decorated with evergreen boughs to remember the beauty and the greenery that grows when the sun god is strong and healthy.

I FEEL THIS. Pacific Northwesterners I'm sure all feel this strongly on December 19th, just like I do.