• Anna

Blogmas Day 18 - What has Worked, and What Hasn't this Holiday Season

In my bullet journal every month I have a "What's worked, and what hasn't worked" section. (To be honest, my bullet journal would fall under the "What hasn't worked" category recently, but that's neither here nor there.) The "What's worked, and what hasn't worked" section is a place where I quickly jot down bullet points of exactly that; what has worked for me over the past month, this could be a recipe that I've tried and really loved or maybe I did a really cool new workout or got a fun new gadget. The what hasn't worked for me could be anything from "I accidentally ate gluten" to "going to the grocery store on a regular basis". This brief little list helps me to remember things that happened, as well as feel grateful for the things that worked AND hopefully (fingers crossed) learn from the things that didn't work out so well.

While it's not the end of the month, for this day of blogmas I thought I would do a little reflecting on what has worked, and what hasn't so far this holiday season.

1.) What's worked - This Eucalyptus OIl that came in my Fab Fit Fun box.

Recently I've been having a super scratchy throat from the dry weather and probably snoring really loudly, so I put a couple of drops of this in my shower and let the steam clear me up. It's a Eucalyptus and jojoba oil blend so it's safe for applying directly onto the skin... just not for ingesting, I promise that WILL NOT work out for you...

#2 What hasn't worked: These metallic leggings that I got for $11 off of Amazon.

I thought they would be a great pant for my elf outfit... I should have paid attention to the 58% rating of "Fits as expected" and read some of the reviews, but they were entertaining to receive... here's what really happened:

They flattened my butt, ran short, and had the texture and stretch of wrapping paper however they looked decently cute when I stood in this little pose and held very still... BUT THEN I MOVED and this happened:

The pants gave me a funny little muffin top (which I don't otherwise have) and stretched like seran wrap over my hips... which is funny,... but not as funny as the back side of this view, which I didn't take a picture of. The pants actually slid about half way down my butt, exposing its northern hemisphere. *ah, Amazon*. This is why we don't buy $11 leggins, ladies.

3.) What worked - This ornate little ring box

Now that I have my rang on and all, I find that I want to keep it extra extra safe when I have to take it off, so this little birdy that my neighbor gave me years ago now sits next to my kitchen sink.

4.) What worked - This stress relief and tension tamer tea

This time of year is always a little bit more stressful with increased traffic, dark mornings, and dark nights, and all the places to be - this tea smells a little bit like cat litter but it does do the trick...

5. What didn't work: Blaise's butt, and her self-control over eating fake trees.

This poor kitty has been in and out of the vet several times this year for ingesting things she shouldn't and some gland problems on her booty... the girl was meant to be outside eating all the grass in the world, but here she's a couch puma that loves to eat fake trees and cost me money.

But she's cute and snuggly, so she's worth it.

6. What worked - buying these cans of wine instead of full bottles.

We try and not drink alcohol throughout the week, but we have found that during this time of year, it's extra hard... lots of parties, happy hours, wanting to have a glass of red wine while cooking dinner and being cozy, etc... SO we occasionally buy these little cans because it's the perfect size and you can't over drink, and specifically this brand because it's actually really good.

That's all for this version of "What has worked, and what hasn't!" I hope you enjoyed it, and let me know if you have something that has worked, or hasn't worked for you this holiday season.

Happy Blogmas!