• Anna

Blogmas Day 17 - A Brilliant Idea

Rich had a brilliant idea today. We needed to go Christmas shopping (earlier than our usual panic) and we both wanted to avoid crowds so he said, "say, hows about we go down to the shopping center after the crowds die down late tonight?" and I said, "Gee Whiz, Mister, what a good brain you have!" So first he made this really deliciously cheesy of "scalloped" cod and potatoes and we filled up on cookies because calories don't count this time of year and we headed to the mall!

We found this lifehack to be so good because not only did we get a bunch of things that were on the list, but we actually enjoyed perusing and not feeling rushed by sales clerks or hassled by hoards of people.

This blog and sweet but FULL of wisdom. If you haven't done your Christmas shopping yet, I highly recommend doing what we did and enjoy the experience by going late at night instead of stressing last minute and having to go at the busiest time of day after work.