• Anna

Blogmas Day 14 - Christmas Cookie Extravaganza!

In my oh-so-humble opinion, candy cane cookies are the greatest cookies of the season. Nobody agrees with me, and I'm okay with that. I used to beg my mom to add these to the Christmas cookie list and she usually agreed so long as I agreed to make them myself, or she would "forget" to make them... "Oh Drat!" - Denise.

Now that I'm in charge of my own Christmas cookies, every single year I make myself a batch of the delicious little peppermint/ sugar candy canes of joy, and I eat them with so much glee. Why are these popularly recognized as such mediocre tasting, tedious cookies? I'm baffled. They are the best. If you disagree, give me your helping.

I've also become a strictly gluten free baker (Three cheers for my intestinal villi!) however this year I made two gluten filled cookies, snickerdoodles and sugar cookies and they were meh, reported the jury. I then made gluten free candy cane cookies and gluten free chocolate, powdered sugar crinkles. Both were smashing successes.

Now my tummy is full, and I have about 12 lbs of candy cane cookies to bake. I half batched everything else because no other cookie is as good as the peppermint candy cane cookies, and therefore do not deserve to be a whole batch.

(Pictured above - Sugar cookies, mediocre snickerdoodles, and fudgy cocoa crinkles)

(Pictured above - the scientific accuracy and level of attention required when constructing the most delicious and festive cookie of the season.

Pictured above - me seconds after I took picture number 1, selfie style and then dropped every single cookie on the floor breaking most of them. Thank heavens they weren't the candy cane cookies, am I right?!

Happy Blogmas!!