• Anna

Blogmas Day 10 - Monday's, Am I Right?

You guys. I did a lot wrong today.

I had my foot in my mouth nearly the entire day.

I'm pretty sure I ate gluten at lunch and have had a looming migraine since

I hit my head on the gym locker and dented my forehead

I got home, and decided to do a really creative yoga practice to shake my anxiety AND film it for youtube and this post, and I didn't realize that Blaise was sitting in front of the camera for the first 10 minutes and then it was out of focus for the next 30.

Then I realized I forgot my phone charger down in my car and somehow managed to hit my head AGAIN on the front door (I think it's time for a new contact perscription).

Then I got into bed THREE TIMES without turning all of the lights off. #@%!#G(*#Gy!#%!%

Ever have one of those days?

Thank goodness for Monday's, because they always come around again. We always get a chance to start over every single week, This week I need a restart on my restart... but after blabbing to Rich for a very long time (thanks for listening to me and giving me advice) and my yoga practice, and talking to Blaise (She doesn't give as good of advice) I'm bottling today up, learning from it, and starting over tomorrow. It may not be a Monday, but it's a new day, and for that I am grateful.

Happiest blogmas!