• Anna

Blogmas Day 8 - Mispronounced Annoyances

We went out to a brewery tonight with some friends and the topic came up of words that get mispronounced that annoy us. WELL, little did a couple of these friends know that three of us have been working on a literal list of words that annoy us for over a year! I don't have a photo or anything to show for this blog post other than a picture of two stranger pitbulls sitting on my lap:

Okay... so here's the list of the words that get under my skin when they're pronounced this way:

(Also.. please keep in mind that I said "Broughten" with commitment the other day, so my grammar and English perfection is no where near superior... but everybody has their pet peeves)

1.) Libary instead of Library

2.) Impordant instead of important

3.) Ammons instead of almonds

4.) Fustrated instead of Frustrated ( I'm going to stop typing the "Instead of" part because I think you get the gist.)

5.) Stold

6.) Windsdee

7.) Amblience

8.) Irregardless

9.) Pacifically (instead of specifically)

10.) For Granite

11.) Expresso

12.) Offen

13.) Neckflix - this is totally okay if you're a little kid. I should say that all little kids are exceptions to this rule.

14.) Undscribable

15.) Pellow

16.) Learnt

17.) Shoulder/ Rotator Cup

18.) Figer - instead of figure

19.) Dint - instead of didn't

20.) Acrost - instead of across

21.) Reek instead of reap - this one makes me giggle because I've heard people say "Reek the benefits" instead of "reap the benefits. "

22.) Buddon or buh-in instead of button

23.) Ineresting

24.) supposably

25.) Birfday

If any of these drove you crazy, let me know! Is there more that you would add to your list?

Happy Blogmas!