• Anna

Blogmas Day 5 - Winter Wonderland Run

We're kind of weekend warriors if you haven't gathered that yet from my social media posts or previous blog posts. We work all week, workout in gyms, and spend most of our evenings in, all the while knowing that we will get outside for some sort of grand excursion on Saturday and or Sunday. Normally our planning takes place on Friday or Saturday night. Last Satuday night was no exception. Rich said "let's go to eastern Washington!" and I said "Neat!" and Saturday we jumped in the car and drove towards Ellensburg.

The weather man totally duped us though as we approached the exit about half way over when it started dumping (seriously DUMPING) baseball sized snowballs all over the freeway in a total flurry. We probably would have kept going if it was a Saturday and risked getting stuck in Ellensburg, but we had work the next day, and more importantly, we had tickets to a Trail Running Film Festival in Downtown Seattle at 5:00PM that night (Yes, these things really do exist, and yes they are awesome). We decided to turn around and just find the best trail we could between where we were, and home.

Up towards Snoqualmie pass we took the Gold creek exit and went for a snowy run. It had been a year since I had run in the snow and I forgot how lovely and it squishy it is to run in! I also forgot how much harder you have to work to run in it.... but I'll save that for a later post.

It definitely wasn't how we expected our day to go, but it was absolutely gorgeous, AND we ended going up 7 miles all while gathering beta for future quick trips, AND we made it back in time for the film festival. Win-win-win-win.

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