• Anna

Blogmas Day 1 - San Diego

Blogmas! Ever heard of it? It's when I post one blog a day for 25 days! I know, I know... my track record of blogging things even on time isn't great but let's give it a go, shall we?

For Blogmas Day 1, I'm going to get you a little caught up to speed. Rich, the boys and myself just got back from a lovely, sunny trip to San Diego. We went there for a couple of reasons. 1.) My Birthday. 2.) We were in desperate need of Vacation. 3.) We were in desperate need for some sunshine.

This trip ended up being one of my absolute favorites for several reasons as well! 1.) Sunshine in November is so good and necessary. 2.) We decided that Mission Bay in San Diego is essentially the Wii Resort Town. 3.) Filet Mignon for Thanksgiving at a nice restaurant is super tasty and way better than cooking a turkey and overeating pie. 4.) We got to ride scooters all day, everywhere.

5.) RICH AND I CAME BACK ENGAGED! (I'll get back to #5 in a minute... (by minute I mean I'll write out the whole story in the next post)...

We actually didn't take that many pictures during our trip because we were so busy scoot scootin around on the boardwalk and playing in the water that we didn't even think about it... but the pictures you'll see in the next post are the ones I'm most grateful for. Stay tuned for Blogmas day 2!