• Anna

Mt. Ellinor & a Day at the Beach

I confess, I thought I had already posted this but I think I got SO engrossed in learning video editing that I simply forgot. Have you not seen my videos yet?! (There are only two right now) You can view them by clicking HERE . OR you can view my last post right in this blog about Daddio and I hiking the Three Burroughs on Mt. Rainier.

Over Labor Day weekend Rich and I were jonesin' to go on a hike somewhere we had never been before. (This summer, unfortunately was hijacked by work and school responsibilities even over the weekends at times, so we didn't get to do as many hikes and runs as I had originally hoped). We also had some friends that were staying at Ocean Shores, so we were a bit torn. RIch, being the logistical one, came up with the brilliant plan to do both by:

Step 1: Driving over to the southern end of the Olympic National Forest (I hadn't been there since I was a kid!)

Step 2: Hike up Mt. Ellinor with overnight bags (a very very popular day hike for those wearing sneakers and blasting their music from their iphones)

Step 3: Set up camp near the top! (Which is something the day hikers in sneakers and music blasting iphones don't know that you can do, so we got some crazy looks from people!)

Step 4: Enjoy the night and AMAZING sunrise out of the summer wildfire smoke and then hike out

Step 5: Go to the beach to hang out with friends, get blasted with sand

Step 6: Realize that we're not really "beach people" but more Lake people... or perhaps we're just not sand people...

Step 7: Drive home and take a nap.