• Anna

Flashback Friday - The Burroughs

Once a year (Twice if we're extra lucky) Daddio and I get to go on a gigantic hike together. We started this tradition for his birthday and Father's day before I can remember. But I do specifically remember one very monumental one. One year Daddio and I went to Paradise and I forgot my sunglasses, got to nearly snuggle a marmot, and hiked up probably at higher altitudes than I can remember... and while all of those things are great, what is really great and memorable about that trip (besides it being one that I can fully remember) is that Dad was turning 40 and I was going to be turning 10 that year.... so needless to say it was a big year in my brain. This year wasn't a big birthday year, but it was a big hike year. We hiked just over 13 miles to one of Daddios favorite places, which I had never been. Burroughs 1, 2 & 3 which is located right around Sunrise on Mt.Rainier. We hiked up above the clouds and smoke, once again nearly snuggled marmots, watched a chipmunk stuff it's cheeks to over 3 times it's body weight, shared stories and had a really really really really really really good day. These annual hiking trips have always been my most favorite.

(Also, I don't have my average ton of photo because I was actually taking video most of the time! my goal is to get that video compiled and up on here before my next post... so I'm already behind schedule per usual )

(Took this one for you mom ;) )

Happiest of birthdays to my OG Hiking Partner!! Love you to the moon and back and then at least 17 trips around pluto and back...