• Anna

Lake Ingalls and Our New Pets

I don't like cliffs. I don't like cliffs when I'm standing on them, and I especially don't like driving next to them. Since I was little, driving along cliff sides or steep slopes has only been an anxiety attack inducer and not my idea of a hoot. This sweet sweet nostalgia brings me to the next stop on our weekend extravaganza ... this spot that is instagrammed constantly by overlanders and Rich has been trying to pinpoint the spot for YEARS (I'm not kidding, people do an A+ job at keeping this spot totally mum). He pinpointed it, we drove to it, I had a minor panic attack in which I wasn't sure whether I was going to cry or vomit or both, but also didn't want to show that I was nervous because- you guys, I am tough as nails (jk, I'm a cliff-wussy as stated above) End of story- we got there and decided we never needed to go back, but ultimately were happy to check it off the list.

Also, for the record I neither cried nor vomited thanks to Rich's really really really really stupendous driving skills and consistently calm 'tude. Here's proof that we went there:

Yes, I did climb up on a cliff to get this picture but after the drive up I was SO confident in my scrambling skills and I was just so very happy to have contact with the earth.

After this we drove to a campsite, snoozed so well and then got up to hike to Lake Ingalls, Ingalls Lake, Lake Ingalls... whatever you prefer.

Snooze station:

I cannot even describe how beautiful this hike was. It was like walking through a fairy tale and then add goats. I think I'll just let the pictures do the talking...

Okay... we're going to pause here because this is where I tell you that there was a major flaw in the fairytale... millions and millions of mosquitoes. So, we layered up like crazy people at the lake in the 95 degree sun to protect ourselves from these blood bandits, but to no avail, I still walked out with nearly (yet miraculously low) 40 itchy scratchies. Worth every itch...

overall it was a perfectly beautiful way to wrap up the weekend... Mr. Goat agrees...