• Anna

Colchuck Lake & Climb

Full Disclosure: I didn't do this climb. BUT! I did manage base camp like a champ. By that, I mean that I got up with Rich and Jacob at 2:30 in the morning, smelled their coffee as they brewed it, put my head lamp on, searched in the pitch dark for somewhere to pee (it's more difficult than you think in the thawing snow.You never really know if what you're standing on is solid ground or if you'll quickly fall 8 feet below.... and no, I'm absolutely not exaggerating) , and watched them head up Colchuck Mountain, I snapped a few photos, and then promptly went back to bed after all of the other mountaineers finished walking by, post holing their way through the snow and yipping every time they fell through an ice bridge.

I slept like a snoring log for a few hours and awoke to some punk climber taunting me from outside the tent saying "wakkkkkeyyyy wakey...Wakey wakey!" I very slowly and sleepily realized that punk climber was my fella, and he had already finished the climb, and that I, the laziest base camp manager that I am, had slept until 8:30AM. Rich literally climbed a mountain before I even woke up that morning. (Nothing like that comparison to make you check in on your motivation and productivity levels first thing in the morning) He finished his climb early and got back to me before the sun even popped up over the mountains, made me coffee and told me all about his adventure. It was a pretty excellent way to wakey wakey!

This was the very last weekend you could get into the Enchantments and stay the night before permit season and I am SO glad we did it. The weather was perfect, the late morning snooze was perfect, and the views.... oh the views.