• Anna

April Fools and Easter Bunnies

Disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with April Fools or Easter Bunnies. The only part about April is that I can't believe it's already April. Moving on...

I say I'm going to get back into a blogging groove - but LezzzzbeHonest.... I'm an excellent liar when it comes to my blogging goals.

So here's a quick update:

We went to Sun Mountain Lodge for an extra long weekend and learned how to cross country ski... this could very well be my new winter obsession.

I've been working (duh... that's what I do with most of my time) BUT we do fun things at work, like tour job sites, play virtual reality games, make pretty things, and show up all matchy matchy- so I don't mind the "work" bit.

We climbed the tallest tour in Seattle - the Columbia Tour. A Co-worker and I created a team of seven that together, raised over $11,000 in 3 weeks for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - so if you were one of the lucky ones to get my obnoxious email asking your for money, or my facebook post - THANK YOU for supporting me.

I spent time with this little squirtle turtle and his parents for his 2nd birthday AND for Sarah's birthday and we had the best times and full belly laughs.

AND I went to Yuma and went on plenty of desert runs and walks, but most importantly spent time with my family! I loved loved LOVED hearing the stories my aunt, grannie, and Uncle Pat had about my grandpa and my dad and aunt when they were little. I'm trying to record as much as possible but it's hard to write that fast when the good stories start rolling.

(Thank you Pat, for letting me swipe these pictures of your pictures and for telling me your Alaskan adventure stories)

This is turning into a longer post than I anticipated but - we've been trying to get outside as much as possible. Running, hiking, BIKE RIDING!!! We've even impromptu traveled over to eastern Washington for a day trip. Below is proof. This is getting long enough. Until next time, bloggeronis.