• Anna

So I'm 29 Now.

So I'm 29 now. I know, I know. "Last year in your twenties ohhhhmyyyyyygoosssshhhhhhh.... "

I would normally do a birthday post the day of my birthday or immediately around it, but honestly I've struggled with this post more this year than any other year. No, sillys, I'm not struggling with the fact that it's my last year in my twenties and I'm on the verge of a mental breakdown (don't worry, I'm not.) I was struggling with whether I make it a reflective post of all of the things I've done in on my birthdays on each year in my twenties, or if I focus on the now, and what's going on right in this moment. Each year an epiphany or creative surge has always just sort of come to me as I naturally grow a little bit more introspective than usual around my birthday. That didn't happen this year.

Why? I'm not sure. Could be for a lot of reasons, and one of those reasons is because my brain is too full to create any room for any ounce of creativity, but I feel like that's a lame excuse. I think it's because I didn't want to dig deep, I didn't allow myself to be introspective at the end of this year because I simply didn't want to. I didn't want to think anymore, because this year has been filled with some pretty huge life decisions and I'm honestly I'm just f**in tired (sorry parents). I realize that the tone of this already sounds sullen and glum (in true old lady fashion), but I will also tell you this to lighten the mood: my 28th year was filled with so.much.goodness...

This past year I have climbed to more peaks and run in the most breath taking places that most never venture to. I have practiced yoga and swam endless playful laps in pools during a hot hot summer. I have woken up to sunrises over lakes, and fallen asleep to sunsets on summits. I have loved harder than I have ever loved in my life, and deeper than I thought I was capable of. I have loved and loved and loved and felt loved, and have had to strive equally hard to remember the importance of practicing self-love. I have experienced a year filled with memories that some people dream of having just a fraction of just once in their entire life. I have traveled. I have eaten weird foods. I have embraced those most important to me and reconnected with lost friends.

I have seen shooting stars from mountain tops and shipwrecks on the ocean. I have played the piano until I soothed myself to sleep with classics. I have made myself and my health a priority, realizing that I am no good to anybody if I'm not first good to myself. I have started a new(er) job with a great company filled with people I LOVE spending time with in and out of the office. I have met adventurous souls, and creative people who inspire me to be better, keep going, keep exploring and keep learning.

This year, on the actual weekend of my birthday I bought myself this compass necklace, to remind myself of where I've been, where I'm going, and to always stay authentic to my true north.