• Anna

Intro to Iceland

Well hi, hello.

We've been gone awhile!

We've been gallivanting around Europe (said in the snottiest of tones). I had full intentions of blogging our trip as we went along through Iceland and Scotland, but per usual on my blog schedule, I was shooting for the stars with that goal. So here we are, a couple days back from our two week trip and I'm still shuffling through the photos and exhausted to the core. Every single night of our trip I laid down as soon as getting back to the hotel and accidentally, (but also awesomely) passed out. I'm going to break out trip up into several posts as to not overwhelm because a lot of activity was packed into two weeks.

We took off two weeks ago (and three days) and had an anti-climactic flight to Portland before jetting to Reykjavik, Iceland. After an 8 hour flight of watching the sun set and rise within 4ish hours we got settled in our hotel in Hveragerði. Such a cute little hotel with hot tubs with natural, chemical-free hotspring water placed along the river. (From these hot tubs is actually the only first and only time we ever saw northern lights in full green glory). The next day, we woke early to get a good run in before heading back into town. Unlike any run I've ever done there were steam vents and potential trolls and elves along the trail.

Later, still on the first full day we went horseback riding on viking horses! (I'm not overly ecstatic about horses but I happened to ride horses twice on this trip... both times epic in their own right). Here is our proof that we were vikings for a day:

Then, like the majority of typical tourists we went to the Blue Lagoon. We went because A.) It looks pretty and B.) If anybody ever asks us if we went to the Blue Lagoon while we were in Iceland (which believe me they will/do) we can say, "why yes, yes we did." So for your amusement, here are pictures of us in an crowded, incredibly unique, oversized hot tub.

(PS. if you're ever going to visit the Blue Lagoon you are limited to three over-priced drinks per person and please don't let the thought get to you that you might accidentally step on something/somebody underwater through the cloudy water, because while it's definitely unlikely the thought will )