• Anna

Ragamuffin Diaries

Dear loveliest readers, Recently we have been getting miles under our feet either on trail runs or hikes in preparation of our upcoming trip to Scotland & Iceland. (?!?!) In September we're going on a trip of a lifetime to two amazing countries that I never planned on going to. In Iceland we're going to be going to Europe's largest glacier, photographing waterfalls and Icebergs, drinking brennivin and eating shark (not so much on the last part). Then we're off to Scotland for to tour four different areas and trail run about every other day. (Hence the need to get miles under our feet now in preparation.)

Since I had three weeks off of work while I was in between jobs I got a little bit of a head start on this and have grown to love the local trails just about ten miles from my house. Two mountains provide hundreds of miles of trails , yet none of them make a loop. I thought this would be intimidating at first but it turns out it's a bit like a puzzle (which I love, of course) and I have been challenging myself to take at least one new trail per run. (Gotta keep building those new dendrites, ya know?)

I've been loving my trail runs so much, and absolutely can not wait to run wth Rich in Scotland for some new, incredible scenery. I've also become mildly obsessed with the amount of miles I can get in within less time, and the views I get to see - so I've signed up for a half marathon and a 10 K in fall. Want to join in on my trail runs? Have suggestions for our travels? Message me or comment below!