• Anna

Vesper Peak

A note from Vesper Peak

At only eight miles and 6,214’ I didn’t offer much of a fight for Anna and Rich, so when they chose me as their weekend objective I had to think of every obstacle big and small I could throw in their direction to at the very least make this a memorable one.

At my front lines, I washed out the road, yet this proved to be no concern for them and their “adventure vehicle” they call it, and they drove confidently to my trailhead. Next as they exited the safety of their car I threw the hottest sun I had to offer at them to quickly send’em back where they came from, yet SPF50 was their answer to this and they booted up for my trails.

At this point I unleashed my army, 10-million winged solders thirsty for Seattle skin, yet they kept marching… and with smiles no less. Well this is not my first rodeo, and over the years I have steadily removed all trail signs pointing in my direction to stop fools such as these from getting anywhere near my summit. At one point I almost had them, but the long haired one was too clever and spotted the path across my biggest and final river. They were making way now, so I unleashed my hottest heat, steepest steeps, and strongest winged soldiers, and yet they hiked on.

Alas, tired, thirsty and bitten they found their way to what is left of my oldest defense, a once great Glacier that is now a modest lake. No longer a fortress of ice but a place for them to rest their bones and gather strength for what I assume will be another battle in the morning.

I only saw them twice after the sunset, looking to stars every so often probably trying to decide if this was really the fight they wanted. The tall one was up first melting my snow for hot coffee. As the water boiled I began to summon the clouds. Fog at first but growing in size I was sure they would choose another day, yet they just tightened their boots and pointed at my crown.

I quickly blocked my view and iced my slopes, yet they produced spikes for their feet and kicked steps with their heads down, only checking for their direction through the passing clouds. I steepened my rock, and steepened my snow, surely they would turn now, I had thrown it all at them -yet they just kept coming, smiles at their biggest now and at their strongest.

They crested the final band of rock, the tall one still sticking to the snow, and the long haired one on the rocks, I was surrounded and like a fallen soldier I put down my weapons, parted the clouds and calmed the winds as they stepped on my summit. With sun on their faces and the hardest part of their journey behind them, they basked in the altitude.

Like victorious knights there was only one final question “cliff bar?”