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Hawkins Mountain

Last weekend Rich and I went over to Central Washington to climb Hawkins Mountain... We found a great campsite shared a bottle of wine, sharp cheddar cheese and yes-please-more-please salami, went to bed early and got an alpine start at 4:30 AM.

(Davis Peak pictured above)

View looking NW towards Lake Tahlequah

When we started hiking that morning we went about 10 miles through views like this end ended up at a lake. Not the top of Hawkins. We realized we had missed the turn off after about 5 miles of creek hopping. (oops... but still beautiful) We went back to the car a little confused but knowing we had some unfinished business to tend to on Hawkins on a later date. We went to Ft. Stevens with the fam, and then the next day after getting back Rich turned to me and asked "sooo... Hawkins tonight?" (He had actually asked me the day before and I laughed thinking it was a joke since we had just spent nearly 5 hours in the car... so it was smart of him to ask me the next morning when I had slept at least one night in our real bed.) I was refreshed enough and eager enough to cross it off the list so of course I packed up and got in the car. (I also convinced him to take me to The Brick in Roslyn for dinner and a drink before hand. Win-win)

We went back to the same perfect camp spot, this time got to bed a little bit earlier, and up at 3:30 - walking just before first light. And we did NOT miss the turn off this time. Turns out (no pun intended) the trail leading up to the ridge line and summit was less than a half mile from our campsite. So up up and up we went. At the top we were greeted by two fluffy white mountain goats (we were much more excited than they were). We left the summit pretty quickly after arriving, knowing that it would be 85+ degrees later in the day and wanted to get off the top before the sun warmed the rocks too much.

Hawkins Mountain - Check

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