• Anna

Fort Stevens Glidden-Halsteadapalooza

Instead of typing a big long blog about this trip I'm going to let the pictures do the blabbing. We had SO Much fun getting everybody together for this year's camping trip at Fort Stevens. Fort Stevens will always be one of my favorite places since it's the place that Grannie and Pop Pop took us for a few of my very first camping memories, the place where I learned how to ride my bike, a place where my aunt has taken us to play on the beach with pups, and now it's place where Sammy had his first tastes of salt water, a place of bike rides to mysterious places for exploration, and a place where my whole tribe all got to be together - and I am a very big fan of this tribe.

(Disclaimer: No babies were in danger in the making of this photo... just one really passed out baby reenacting the hypothetical battle of Battery Russel)

(Mom for the win! Packed in homemade ice cream mix, cooked it up the day before and we had our very own ice cream social.)

twinners. ... and this is where Sammy spent most of his time while we were at camp. Very hard at work restructuring the bike rack.