• Anna

Ragamuffin Diaries

If you've been keeping up you already know that in the past couple of months Rich and I moved into a new home, Daddio and I went to Arizona to visit Grannie, we've kept up on wandering into the woods to Goldmyer Hot Springs, and Pratt Mountain, but here are the other things that have been happening:

I went super blond for a hot minute and had a fun photo shoot day with Megan the Wanderer

Here is a sneak peeker:

Rich and I did a nice relaxed hike to Talapus Lake (look at the smile - it'll melt ya socks off)

I attended my 10 year high school reunion! This picture is the only proof. (And no, we were not the only ones there.)

I said farewell to my job in the big ol'city! I am so. so. so. excited to have a shorter commute and an awesome new team to work with. On to marketing for another company!

Megan and I attended a Yoga Triathalon - Yes, those exist. This is about 1000 people lying in savasana after a 5K run and before 30 mins of guided meditation - and a flea market filled with free granola bars.

Almost lastly: I started painting again. While I was working on my painting Maxmax took an interest and joined me for a few hours of canvas play time. Here are the creations thus far:

And finally, ending on the cutest update - we've been hanging out playing piano with all our fingers and toes: