• Anna

Into the Woods for Father's Day

Daddio and I don't often get to hike together... so when we do, we go big! (like nearly 15 miles on my tiny feet big) This was our criteria:

1.) no snow (due to some PTSD from dad's last snow hike and due to us Washingtonians just being totally sick of cold elements)

2.) Go somewhere that neither of us had ever been (this is difficult to do within a short drive since between the two of us we've probably been to most easily-ish accessible day-hike peaks and lakes in the I-90 corridor

3.) Go in instead of up. Up is always rewarding... don't get me wrong, BUT sometimes I have found that there are just as rewarding sights to see by going in to the woods instead of climbing up and out of them... you just have to work a little harder by going a little farther)

Criteria was met! We crossed several rivers and creeks, saw dozens of glorious waterfalls, got our feet slightly wet, found Goldmyer hot springs (quite a whimsical little place) found, and heard evidence of bears (or Bigfoot- you decide), gathered beta for future hikes, and rewarded ourselves to some massive milkshakes in North Bend on the way home. Happy Father's day, Daddio. I remember and love each and every one of our adventures.