• Anna

Cacti, Cactwe, Cactus {Arizona}

My excuse for this post being nearly a month delayed: I'm still getting used to blogging on this new site! I promise, I will get back into a regular routine soon. I promise I promise I promise.

Last month daddio and I flew down to see Grannie for a few days. We were in desperate need of sunshine and family time is always good. We got heaping handfuls of both. We had several outings to new & oh-so-hip Yuma venues, climbed a very popular and VERY steep "mountain" in the Gila mountain range (Telegraph Pass), ran/walked over a combined 30 miles in four days, admired dozens of different kinds of cacti, listened to the doves in the morning and night, soaked in as many rays of sunshine that my vitamin D deprived body could handle, but most importantly we got to visit with Grannie and Ray which doesn't happen often enough. I'm so grateful that I got to go on a trip with daddio too because the older I get those don't happen nearly often enough either.