• Anna

We've Moved! We Moved Our Chit!

Blaise and I have Moved! More than just the Blog! Blaise and I have physically moved to a new location (Hint, so did Rich and the boys.)

Don't get me wrong - I LOVED my condo. I still do- I still own it, but now it's time to rent it out for it to serve it's purpose in somebody else's life, as it did for me at just right time.

Moving has been stressful... yes, moving in with your person is a romantic and fanciful event, But also lemmetellyou- it's way more exhausting than woo-ful.

Here are truths about it:

1.) you're combining all of your "chit" (Rich's combo word for crap & shit, etc.) We both thought that we were living our lives in a pretty minimalistic manner. We both lived individually, in less than 1000 sq ft spaces and made a point to get rid of one thing that no longer serves us, per day. However, combining two slightly minimalistic people into the same square footage equals A LOT OF SHTUFF. It seemed that stuff just appeared, created itself, and *poof* more useless stuff! stuff everywhere...

2.) Renting out a property, while the other half of our duo is buying another takes A LOT of energy, time, research, money, and effort. Rich was looking for a home, while I was looking for a renter. Two different rhythms, but with the same goal. Thank God for that.

3.) The housing Market is bananas. As most of you know, the housing market in many parts of the United States is Hot. Fire. Flames. What does this mean for us? It means that my condo has already increased in value by nearly 30 grand since I purchased it less than a year ago. It also means that costs of buying a 1000 sq ft home from the 60's that still looks and smells like it's from the 60's, is a deal at $600-grand. *gasp and faint*

But that's just the way it is in this particular area. (Yes, we've all gotten the unsolicited advice of "Why don't you just move somewhere else.". my answer to that is someday, yesduh, we probably will but for right now, this is where are lives are.)

So here's a stupendous story for you about how we ended up where we are now.

Once upon a time, Rich owned a three story townhome in a great neighborhood where he brought is first born son home to. Little RW learned how to walk and how ride a bike out front. Then Rich sold the house to a gal who owned for 10+ years.

Rewind to just about a month and a half ago, I got a notification from my real estate agent that a townhome in Bellevue that matched my profile interests was for sale, HUZZAH! So I looked at it, thought it was a great option, forwarded it to Rich and he said "WOAH...THAT IS MY OLD TOWNHOME", which he had always liked and wishes that he had held on to it himself. He made an offer on it, to the lady he had originally sold it to, and much higher than he originally had bought it for. They were excited about Rich making an offering but they had another offer coming in the next day and they would make their decision. Luckily, Rich had photos of little RW doing his business around the house as a tyke, and wrote a little letter to the seller saying something along the lines of "at one point this was a great home for my family, our family dynamics have changed and this has once again become the perfect home for my family... "

A cash offer came in nearly $100 thousand over asking price but (FAITH IN HUMANITY!) the seller decided to sell to Rich. Halle-lu-jah.

We found a home.

So yes, while it's been a stressful month of trying to balance being a landlord, a homeowner, a homebuyer, a diva contractor, kamikaze plumber, a marketer me and an account executive Dad. It. Has. Been. Worth it.

Blaise would rather we didn't,. but as for Rich and I - this move was worth it .

Welcome home.