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Ragamuffin Tribune Archives

After six years of blogging on the site, Ragamuffin Tribune, my blog finally went kaput when google changed it's domain access renewal process. At first, I thought I had lost all of my posts, my photos, and all the content that I had built up over time. But after digging deeper into the internet forums to see if this had happened to anybody else, I fell into an Alice-in-Wonderlandesque hole, far into the googleverse and discovered that my blog still existed, just unpublished and temporarily unable to be republished or redirected due to the lock blogger had placed on my domain name. After some mild hacking I was able to unpublish/ and un-redirect Ragamuffin Tribune, and back to it's original, non-fancy-pants form at

Anyway, while all this mess was being sorted out, I developed a new plan. The new plan involved a landing page that everyone could use to access my blog, portfolio, resume, yoga & fitness work, and any other business ventures I may be pursuing at the time.

When I first created Ragamuffin Tribune it was because I was desperately seeking a place to be creative. I was losing a large sense of self with the events, people, and scenarios I had going on in my life at the time. Ragamuffin Tribune was my outsource platform to be completely free of judgement, pursue photography, yoga, adventures, writing, and all things creative. Over the course of six years the blog became exactly that- however now, at this point in my life, all things creative have permeated all aspects of my life and a blog alone no longer fulfills all the plans I have for my ventures. SO without anymore techy-speak and sappysaps - I put my new plan into action!

Welcome to Ragamuffin Media. A root of creativity that will drive all creative ventures. This blog, for example is now A Ragamuffin Media Production. Be Well Annabelle (my yoga and fitness venture) is now A Ragamuffin Media Production. My marketing ventures will be ____(Insert creative name here____Marketing, A Ragamuffin Media Production, my photography company will be Anna Louyre Photography, A Ragamuffin Media Production ... pickin' up what I'm layin' down?

If you would like to visit ANY of my old posts they will always be available right here: OLD, BUT STILL AWESOME BLOG

Moving forward, all my new posts will be available right here, on the Ragamuffin Media Hub.